Windows: neXt - CGM rc Heli Simulator 114,1 MB
Windows: neXt - CGM rc Heli Simulator 112,1 MB (without installer)

Mac OSX 10.8 and higher: neXt - CGM rc Heli Simulator 111,9 MB
Mac OSX 10.7, OSX 10.6: neXt - CGM rc Heli Simulator 112,1 MB (without installer)

Ubuntu Linux: neXt - CGM rc Heli Simulator 121,7 MB

Hier ein Video zum SIM und zum Fliegen lernen von Thomas Mayr

In der Demoversion (ohne Aktivierung) funktioniert die Fernsteuerung 120 Sekunden lang nach dem Programmstart. So können Sie den neXt vor dem Kauf uneingeschränkt testen.


The demo version (without activation) will work with your transmitter for 120 seconds, so you can try neXt prior to your purchase. Don't compare neXt to existing simulators but to reality.

For users who bought the product through the App Store, please use the App Store to update, as this is where your licence is from, it can only be updated using the same App Store process in which you bought it. this is due to the App store copyright right protection.

For users who purchased the download from the neXt website please use the updates provided on these website.


Alle Rechte vorbehalten - Heli-Planet Modellbau und Flugschule - Peter Henning 2011-2017

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